Hands On OpenTelemetry

Room 5
09:00 - 17:00

2 Days

You've heard the new buzzwords of "Observability", "OpenTelemetry", "Tracing", and all the others, but not sure how to practically use them in your applications to help debug issues? This is the workshop you need.

In this workshop you'll get your hands on using OpenTelemetry in a realistic microservice system. You'll be adding the libraries in the applications, Using the "Agents" to instrument applications without code changes, and touching various languages (whatever you're comfortable with) and more.

You'll come out of this workshop understanding:

  • What Observability is and is not
  • Where OpenTelemetry fits in
  • How to implement OpenTelemetry in your language of choice (and possibly some others)
  • Auto-instrumentation of OpenTelemetry (where you can't change the code)
  • What the OpenTelemetry Collector is, when to use it, and how to use it
  • Finally, we'll cover Querying and using the data we see to find some hidden patterns.

Martin Thwaites

Martin is a Developer Advocate at Honeycomb, o11y enthusiast, and a delivery-focused Developer from the UK. With over 20 years experience in development in the .NET ecosystem, he’s worked with many companies on scaling up engineering teams and products. The past few years have been spent working on solving complex problems with some of the UK’s big names, including e-commerce retailers and credit lenders.