Writing Code with Code: Getting Started with the Roslyn APIs

Room 3
16:20 - 17:20

Talk (60 min)

As developers, we spend our days writing code. What if we could get the computer to write it for us? Using the .NET Roslyn APIs, we can do precisely that!

In this session, Steve will share his latest work at Elastic, generating the majority of the .NET client for Elasticsearch from a simple specification. Steve will introduce and demonstrate how to get started with leveraging the Roslyn APIs. He will show you how the Elastic .NET code generator transforms a JSON spec into a C# syntax tree and outputs thousands of classes in only a few seconds.

You'll leave this session with an understanding of the Roslyn APIs and how to utilise them in your work. You'll understand core concepts such as syntax trees, the SyntaxFactory and tools to help you write code with code.

Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon is a Pluralsight author, 6x Microsoft MVP, and a .NET engineer at Elastic. He is based in the UK. Steve is passionate about community and all things .NET related, having worked with .NET for over 20 years. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge through his blog, in videos and by presenting talks at user groups and conferences. Steve is excited to participate in the active .NET community and founded .NET South East, a .NET Meetup group based in Brighton. He enjoys contributing to and maintaining OSS projects. You can find Steve online at his blog, www.stevejgordon.co.uk, and on most social media platforms as @stevejgordon.