Upgrade any .NET applications with the latest .NET stack.

Room 3
16:20 - 17:20

Talk (60 min)

Learn how you can make any .NET application modern and leverage the latest features, platforms and frameworks of .NET. No matter what kind of applications you are building (web, mobile, desktop, etc.), there is a way to give your apps the best performance, the new features, modern look and feel and easy updates going forward.

In this talk you’ll learn how to save a lot of time and effort with the new tooling available in Visual Studio that will help you upgrade your applications from .NET Framework an .NET Core to the latest .NET 7 and migrate from the older platforms such as Xamarin.Forms and UWP to their successors - .NET MAUI and WinUI. Leveraging the power of AI, Visual Studio will suggest code changes for your apps to fix some breaking changes, as well as make needed updates to your project files, etc.

You will hear about the latest trends for every type of .NET applications, learn what to use for your green field apps and what approaches you can take to modernize your existing projects.

Olia Gavrysh

Olia Gavrysh is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft working on modernizing .NET applications and driving .NET desktop platforms such as WPF and WinForms. Prior to that, she was the program manager for .NET machine learning framework called ML.NET. Olia is a frequent conference speaker focusing on .NET technologies, an author of many articles, blog posts, and a book about .NET desktop.

Olia has a background in applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, and computer science and worked as a .NET software developer for over 10 years prior to becoming a program manager at Microsoft.

Originally from Ukraine, now Olia lives and works in Seattle, United States.