Understanding Nuclear Power

Room 2
17:40 - 18:40

Talk (60 min)

So, what do you know about nuclear power?

Join Richard Campbell from .NET Rocks as he talks about one of the most controversial sets of .NET Rocks Geek Out Episodes ever. You'll learn about the different kinds of reactors, including light and heavy water reactors, as well as more novel designs like pebble bed and molten salt. Understand what happened in Chornobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima. What's the difference between thorium and uranium as nuclear fuels? Richard will answer your questions and perhaps get you thinking about what the future could be like with nuclear power.

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell wrote his first line of code in 1977. His career has spanned the computing industry both on the hardware and software sides, development, and operations. He was a co-founder of Strangeloop Networks, acquired by Radware in 2013, and was on the board of directors of Telerik, which was acquired by Progress Software in 2014. Today, he is a consultant and advisor to a number of successful technology firms and is the founder and chairman of Humanitarian Toolbox (www.htbox.org), a public charity that builds open-source software for disaster relief. Richard also hosts three podcasts: .NET Rocks! (www.dotnetrocks.com) for .NET developers, RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com) for IT Professionals, and Windows Weekly (https://twit.tv/shows/windows-weekly).