The Modern Trolley Problem - Responsible AI Principles

Room 2
15:00 - 16:00

Talk (60 min)

We live in an age where self-driving cars are no-longer just an interesting philosophical thought experiment, but a reality. When things go wrong, there is an immediate and heated debate around where the blame lies (Programmer, Manufacturer, Owner, Driver), but the more interesting discussion always starts further back than that, before the car is even built. How is the algorithm to be coded? What are the rules that govern the decision making processes of the car. Are those hard-coded or is a machine learning as it drives, taking into account the behaviour of other road users etc?
Machine Learning

Object recognition and obstacle avoidance are easy things to integrate these days - I'll demo how easy it is to train a Model to recognise and avoid objects, and we'll see how to deploy that model to an Azure Percept device. The tech is the easy part though...

This is a session about Responsible AI Principles, about Thinking before we Build and being intentional and transparent in what we code (and playing with robot cars and LEGO men)

Michelle Sandford

Tedx Speaker, Tech Girl Superhero, Microsoftie and one of MCV's 30 Most Influential Women in Games. I am a Microsoft Developer Engagement Lead who acts as an API between technology and the world. I advocate for STEM, the Games Industry and Developers. I present at around 50 Conferences and Events around the world on Azure, Data Science, Responsible AI and Gaming.