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SASO takes the throne in a new visual universe, where the courage for artistic change is celebrated.SASO challenges herself on her latest single, 'Watch Me.' With the ambition to always evolve and push her boundaries, SASO uses her inner strength and courage to create a visual and personal transformation. It's a transformation that neither feels nor appears foreign but instead reveals a new side of the young talent. In a personal narrative, SASO sings about embracing change and giving oneself the recognition, we deserve.

"When I started making music, it was incredibly important to me that people could relate to my lyrics. Now, the most important thing for me is that people can find inspiration in my music."Music has been instrumental in SASO's development for many years. Now, she hopes that through her songs, she can inspire others to appreciate the small facets of themselves that they may not have always embraced.

With the disco-house track 'Damn,' SASO has reached number 1 on the P3Listen, and she has received praise in various media outlets for her raw vocals, powerful songs, and her unique style.SASO's journey in the music industry began when she was discovered and contacted by rapper Sivas, and since then, she has grown and found her own sound and style. And with over 1 million streams on her song 'Let's Be Honest' and nearly 2 million across her few releases, there is no mistaking her talent.