Part 2/2: Drawing for IT Architects

Room 4
15:00 - 16:00

Talk (60 min)

Ever seen a drawing trying to explain the architecture or the functionality of an IT system, and you couldn't make any sense of it because it was drawn so badly? Do you feel that your drawings are OK, but could probably be improved substantially with a few tricks, but you don't really know what they would be?
Soft Skills

I've made a lot of drawings over the years. I'm pretty sure not all of them were a success in terms of understandability. But at some point in time, I started reflecting on how my drawings look, and since then, I'm getting comments that apparently, my drawings look good.

In this session, I would like to share some of the reflections I make when I see somebody else's drawing, show you some obviously bad drawings and discuss what's wrong with them, and some of the tricks I use to create better drawings. The goal should be that when you leave this session, you've practiced a bit on how you can make your drawings look better, such that the reader or the viewer will understand it better.

Filip Van Laenen

Filip van Laenen started his career at Computas in the previous millennium, first as a Java developer, later as a business analyst, IT architect, and various other project roles. He's guilty of lots of bad drawings, but tries to improve himself, and would like to make the world a better place by helping others to improve too.