Next generation microservices and serverless applications with WebAssembly and Spin

Room 5
10:20 - 11:20

Talk (60 min)

Microservices have been serving us well in many ways. But in some ways, we can do better and simpler. Why choose between OCI containers (Docker) and Functions as a Service? Both with their individual benefits and drawbacks. Let us rethink both with WebAssembly.

WebAssembly is a technology built to enable more programming languages to work inside the browser, but we can also use WebAssembly outside of the browser. WebAssembly comes with a strong security model, incredible startup performance, very small binary sizes and portability.

In this session, we will talk about:

  • What server-side WebAssembly is, and show how it addresses common developer problems.
  • Spin, an open source framework, which enables you to develop serverless functions and web applications, utilizing the benefits of WebAssembly.
  • How to run your WebAssembly application in many places, in the cloud, in Kubernetes, on your VMs and in many more places.

Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj

Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj is the head of product and developer relationship at Fermyon. He has a long background in product management, customer success, and developer engagement at Microsoft, working on products such as Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Instances, and the open-source project Virtual Kubelet. He’s passionate about developer and operator experiences, with a mission to make the path from idea to reality frictionless and quick. Mikkel lives in a tiny and beautiful village in Denmark.