NDC Party

Room 1
18:40 - 22:30

Talk (230 min)

Kick back, get to know your fellow attendees and speakers. The party is complimentary for all NDC delegates.


18:40-19:45 - Conference reception in the Expo
19:45-20:45 - The NDC Comedy Party Quiz Show in Room 1
20:45-22:30 - Food and drinks continue at Vestauranten

Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie is an independent consultant who has been building data-driven web applications since the 1990s. He’s managed teams, taught workshops, and worked on everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He’s a Microsoft MVP, and he regularly speaks at conferences and user groups all over the world.

Dylan is the creator of the Rockstar programming language, and is known for his live music shows featuring software-themed parodies of classic rock songs. He’s online at dylanbeattie.net and on Twitter as @dylanbeattie.

Mark Rendle

Mark is the founder of RendleLabs, which provides consulting services and workshops to .NET development teams across all industries. His particular obsessions are API design and development, performance, Observability and code-base modernisation. He also uses skills acquired during a few years as a professional stand-up comic to deliver entertaining and informative talks at conferences around the world, and recently learned to play bass so he could join tech parody band The LineBreakers.