Let's build a .NET YouTube player! For which platform? All of them!

Room 3
17:40 - 18:40

Talk (60 min)

In this session we will be using the open-source Uno Platform to help us quickly get a full-fledged application up and running for Windows, Android, iOS, WebAssembly, macOS, and Linux.

We will start with getting your development environment set up, whether you are using Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, or Rider -- we got you covered.

Next stop is the design, we will get to play around with the original UI designs for the application within Figma and see how we can actually generate the C#/XAML for the UI of the entire app directly from Figma!

You will then learn how to properly integrate the Uno Toolkit into your app, a library of UI components and helpers, as well as our support for Material Design 3.

By the end you will have a shiny new cross-platform YouTube player. Go ahead and run it on whichever platform you choose!

Steve Bilogan

Steve is a Senior Engineer and one of the core maintainers of the open-source Uno Platform project. When not at his computer, he is either watching the Montreal Canadiens lose or asleep on the couch.