Hot Air Balloons Contest!

19:20 - 20:20

Talk (60 min)

This year, we're excited to add an extra layer of inspiration to your festival experience. We've partnered with Copenhagen Suborbitals to offer a one-of-a-kind team-building workshop designed to elevate your creativity and collaboration skills.

As part of this challenge, you'll be given a few simple materials and tasked with constructing and launching a miniature hot air balloon. A test of ingenuity, problem-solving, and teamwork, this activity promises to be as fun as it is enlightening.

This isn't just about thinking outside the box – it's about taking flight! The workshop is an excellent opportunity to foster relationships with fellow attendees, creating bonds beyond the usual conference interactions.

Rest assured, the workshop is designed to accommodate various group dynamics, ensuring a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone. So, as we dive into the digital world at NDC, let's also embrace this exciting journey into the skies with Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Mads Wilson

Mads Wilson is an entrepreneur and space enthusiast with a strong background in programming, data-driven marketing, and electronics. Over a two decades, he has supported various organizations in creating customer-oriented systems and processes and served as a board member for several startups. Mads is an active member of Copenhagen Suborbitals, a volunteer-based organization committed to human spaceflight using readily available technology.

Copenhagen Suborbitals has achieved significant recognition since its inception, receiving accolades such as The Breitling Milestone Award by FAI and the Danish "Ellehammer Award," named after modern aviation pioneer J.C. Ellehammer.

As a member of Copenhagen Suborbitals, Mads has contributed to the development of electronic components for their rockets, managed aeronautics education programs, and participated in several rocket launches as a Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO). His diverse experience places him among the few individuals with hands-on experience in both building and launching rockets.