GitHub + Azure: Better Together!

Room 1
15:00 - 16:00

Talk (60 min)

GitHub is the leading developer community on the planet, pairing that with the capability of Microsoft Azure makes the pair unstoppable for developer productivity and cloud deployment. In this session we will walk through the products built directly into GitHub to accelerate delivery of your code into Azure.
Continuous Delivery

We'll review the developer experience from where you code, embedding security at every step along the way, all while delivering into Azure. Join this session and we'll deep dive into how GitHub and Azure are better together!

April Edwards

April is a senior developer advocate and DevOps practice lead at GitHub, specializing in application transformation and DevOps ways of working. Her focus is to take customers of a journey from legacy technology, to serverless and containers, where code comes first, while enabling them to take full advantage of DevOps practices.

In April’s spare time she spends time outdoors hiking, skiing or scuba diving. She is also a triathlete competing in Ironman and Half Ironman triathlons.