Git Hidden Gems

Room 3
11:40 - 12:40

Talk (60 min)

There is more to Git than meets the eye. On the surface, it's a version control system. Underneath, it's a virtual file system built to track your files. And right in between is a wealth of productivity features very few people know about.

As a Git enthusiast, I feel it's my duty to spread the knowledge about these hidden Git gems. From automating common daily tasks, to better handling of merge conflicts, these features are the quality of life improvements you always wished you knew about.

So don't waste your time wondering what Git can do for you; come to this session and be ready to take your workflow to the next level with these hidden gems.

Enrico Campidoglio

Enrico is a freelance programmer, teacher and mentor with a strong passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge. If allowed, he'll happily talk for hours about software quality, the DevOps culture, the history of personal computing or mechanical keyboards. One topic he's particularly fond of is Git, which, as he discovered, combines two of his other great passions: the Unix philosophy and source code history.

When it comes to teaching, Enrico speaks regularly at conferences and user groups, delivers workshops and produces online courses for Pluralsight.

He occasionally manages to do some open source work by contributing to AutoFixture—a .NET library for generating test data during unit testing—and by maintaining Cake.Curl, an addin for Cake that lets you invoke curl from a build script.

Enrico can be found online on his website at or on Twitter at @ecampidoglio