Design & Reality

Room 1
17:40 - 18:40

Talk (60 min)

The way we think about software design is usually as a linear process: understand the problem, come up with a solution, implement it. At best, we draw it as a circle and add gathering feedback and iteration as the two next steps.

The way we do software design is different. It’s non-linear. By designing solutions, we learn to understand the problem. Through domain modelling, we look for novel abstractions, new metaphors, new solutions that reframe the original problem in a way that makes it solvable.

In this talk, I’ll tell stories from working on real world cases, like smart copyright claims systems and oil rig monitoring systems, to illustrate how with a richer understanding of the design process, we can create better solutions.

Mathias Verraes

Mathias Verraes is the founder of Aardling, a software modelling & design consultancy, with a penchant for complex environments. His focus is on design strategy and messaging-centric domain modelling. Since leaving a lead developer job in 2011 and moving to consulting in 2011, Mathias has worked with clients in Finance, Government, Supply Chain, Mobility, Energy, E-Commerce, and more.

Mathias writes about software design at since 2011. As a speaker, he's been at major conferences such as NDC and Goto, and has been a keynote speaker DDD eXchange, ExploreDDD, KanDDDinsky, and others. Occasionally, he teaches courses on Domain-Driven Design & messaging architecture. Mathias is also the founder of the DDD Europe conference.

Mathias has a Masters in Music from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, and is an autodidact on software. When he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, he helps his two sons build crazy Lego contraptions.