Demoscene: The Golden Years

Room 1
20:30 - 20:50

Talk (20 min)

Step into the time machine and journey back to the vibrant era of the 1990s with Anders Norås as he delves into the genre defining era of the 16-bit demoscene.

These were the glory days where human ingenuity clashed with machine capabilities in a perpetual battle of digital creativity. In this lighting talk, attendees will be treated to a nostalgic exploration of the subculture's pinnacle, witnessing firsthand the relentless competition and boundless innovation that defined this epoch. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or completely new to the scene, prepare to be entertained and inspired by the timeless ingenuity and artistic fervor that characterized this era. Join us for a journey through time and witness the enduring legacy of creativity that still makes its marks on popular culture.

Anders Norås

Originally educated in arts and design, Anders has spent the last twenty years writing code.

He has given numerous talks and keynotes at conferences such as JavaZone, NDC, J-Fall, Øredev and many more. Have given 100+ conference talks to a variety of audiences including media, design and hardcore computer science. Known for an energetic and highly engaging presentations.