CI/CD Patterns and Antipatterns - Things your Pipeline Should (Not) Do

Room 5
11:40 - 12:40

2 Days

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery has become an integral part of our daily workflow.

With the increasing importance that the CI/CD pipeline has, the demands placed on it rise proportionally.

As with a lot of things in life, a great pipeline operates seamlessly in the background, wile a poorly designed one becomes a constant source of irritation.

In this talk I will bring up a few antipatterns that I have encountered in the wild, explain why I consider them antipatterns and what you should do instead.

Let's make sure that our pipelines never frustrate us again!

Daniel Raniz Raneland

Raniz is a programmer, architect, speaker and coach at factor10, helping companies achieve software excellence with a business focus.

As a problem solver at heart, he jumps at complicated problems and believes that as much as possible should be automated, reproducible and stored as code.