Breaking the binary: Why organisations must embrace Quantum Computing now!

Room 3
20:40 - 21:40

Talk (60 min)

Join in to break the binary of classical computing and start exploring the potential of quantum computing.

In this session, we will explore how organisations can experiment with quantum computing on an on-demand basis and understand how far-reaching quantum will be within their industries. We will look at some applications of quantum computing in the finance industry and discuss the challenges involved in implementing them.

In addition, through a Azure Quantum workspaces demo, we will dive deep into how organisations can use Quantum Computing as a Service (QCAAS) to gain access to quantum computing resources without having to make large investments in hardware or infrastructure.

Teena Idnani

Teena is a Principal Engineer at Investec based out of London. She is an Azure certified Solution Architect, passionate about developing and architecting applications in .NET and Azure. In her current role, she focusses on uplifting engineering across Investec and enabling various teams in Azure as they migrate and modernise their applications on Azure. Teena has avid interest in Quantum and is currently doing research to identify applications of Quantum computing in Finance.