Automating the maintenance of thousands of components - Fleet management at Spotify

Room 5
11:40 - 12:40

Talk (60 min)

In this talk we will learn how Spotify manages our software at scale. Maintaining a large number of software components, even for minor updates, quickly gets arduous.
Continuous Delivery

We have over the last two years built out practices and infrastructure for making changes to our fleet of software as a whole, greatly reducing the toil for our developers. We call this fleet management. We’ll go through the initial thinking that drove this work, the infrastructure implementation and the results we seem so far. We’ll also share some of the many challenges in making this change, some of which we still have left to figure out.

Niklas Gustavsson

Niklas Gustavsson is the Chief Architect at Spotify where he focuses on holistic architecture, technology innovation and engineering practices, and with a strong interest towards making architecture m