ASP.NET Core Authentication and Authorization - the Key Concepts

Room 5
10:20 - 11:20

Talk (60 min)

Based on the experience of hundreds of customer projects Anders shares his recommendations for authentication and authorization with Asp.Net Core.

This is an introductory session that will show the basic concepts of Authentication and Authorization in Asp.Net Core and how they interact. Topics that are covered include:

* Authentication Schemes: Configuration and working with multiple schemes.
* Asp.Net Identity: When to use it and how it affects the schemes used.
* Data Protection: How it is used behind the scenes and the configuration required before going to production.
* Authorization Policies: How to use them with a minimum of ceremony.

Anders Abel

Anders Abel is an senior .NET developer in Stockholm. He has been programming since he was 9 and still thinks it’s tremendously fun. He works with Duende Software on IdentityServer and designing identity and security solutions.