Applied AI and Accessibility to Play Games in New Ways

Room 3
10:20 - 11:20

Talk (60 min)

The story of building Project Enabled Play - a platform built in .NET on Azure that enables users to turn their voice, face expressions, hand gestures, smartphones, watches, virtual inputs, and more into a gaming controller, keyboard, and mouse on any platform they have access to.
Machine Learning

Come learn about scaling applications in .NET to over a dozen different platforms and channels while building for accessibility to even the playing field. Gain an understanding of voice and conversational platforms, real-time communication technology, computer vision, and best practices for sharing code and going from PoC to product.

Try your shot at landing a win in Call of Duty, Halo, Fall Guys, Minecraft, and more using your voice or write a block of code using Visual Studio and your face, then leave with a working knowledge of other ways you can use .NET and the tools you're familiar with.

Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn leads the product team at Voicify and is the founder of Enabled Play. He's also a Microsoft MVP, PubConf Champion, Bixby Premier Developer, and AWS Alexa SME. His background in accessibility, application development, and conversational AI has leaned into enabling applications to do more for businesses and consumers using scalable architectures and design, distributed services, cloud infrastructure, and innovative edge technologies. Alex does his best to remain platform agnostic in his practices and development with specialties in C#, Kotlin, and TypeScript while building for cross-platform compatibility. You might find him co-organizing the Boston Mobile C# Meetup with Microsoft, speaking at all sorts of conferences and events around the world, streaming on Twitch, and on Pluralsight. You can read his regular tips and thoughts in the development community at or watch him live at

Outside technology, you can find him playing guitar, working with animal rescue, or exploring the great outdoors.