Apache Kafka in 1 hour for C# Developers

Room 5
10:20 - 11:20

Talk (60 min)

Are you a Developer curious about Apache Kafka? Have you never had the time to dig into it?

No problem. In this session, we will dig into it. We will go on a journey to unveil how I've built an event-driven system to power my Patreon account using Kafka. We will focus on the parts you need to know to build Event-Driven Applications. Explore the basic concepts and recommendations. And learn about how to use C# and KafkaFlow, an Open Source framework for .NET.

Even if you know nothing about it, you can expect to go home with the basics to start your Kafka journey.

Guilherme Ferreira

Guilherme is a Minimalist Software Craftsman, passionate about simplicity and a continuous improvement enthusiast. He is a C# and .NET content creator, currently working as OSS Developer Advocate at FARFETCH. Guilherme is also a NetPonto Porto Community co-organizer and an NDC Porto Agenda Committee proud member.